Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have been putting this off for a week...
I am finally going to try to blog about my trip. There is just SO much I don't know where to start but I am going to whip out my handy dandy notebook and start from the beginning....

Journal Entry: June 29, 2010

"As you can tell from the lovely handwriting, I am in a cab... FINALLY. I think mom booked the most round-a-bout flight possible, but hey! I made it and it was an adventure from the start. Woke up at 4:00am on my bedroom clock (which is 13mins fast), moseyed around in the darkness of the morning, made my coffee and wrote a blog. I thought I was poetic, but to tell you the truth everything at that hour sounds poetic. Ali picked me up at 7:15... poor thing. So early on a vacation. I always like to have a good amount of time at the airport. Sometimes a little too much..... but this time we planned it with only and hour and a half total with travel time to the airport. We were cruising right along and boom we miss the 45South exit. We make a big loop around and get back on Allen parkway and wait at the longest light ever before we get back on and make a successful entry onto 45 south. That light felt like an eternity. I begin to sweat a bit knowing if I miss that first flight there is no chance of survival considering my mom booked 14 connecting flights to get to La Guardia Airport. Absolute unnecessary stress. Ali got me there with 50mins to get through security. This seems like a huge amount of time to get through this miniature airports puny security screening right? Wrong. Apparently they are redoing the lovely airport and the line is about as bad as D.I.A. on the day after the winter holiday.... I got through, punched some people, and saw my plane was boarding without me but still found the need to wait in line at Peets coffee to get a cup of joe. They played their usual game of "I am going to have to charge you for the 1/2 an inch of milk you ask to be poured ontop" and told them to forget about it and used the milk on the bar. I stumbled onto the plane splashing people with hot coffee as I walked by searching for an empty seat. Found a window seat surprisingly and had to lift my heavy ass suitcase into the overhead bin while under the pressure of all the bitter people who I splashed coffee on....... HUAAAAAHHHHHHHHH got it! haha I sat infront of this family with a little girl who was CRACKING ME UP. She had the funniest cutest little voice and was saying the most hysterical things. Like when the woman was giving the instructions for a water evacuation she was like "Oh Mommy, can we do that?! We are going to land in the water right?" and the mother was like "God honey, I hope not. You should not say those kind of things on a plane." HAHAHAHA Next stop was Jackson Mississippi. A woman and her husband got on and without even knowing anything about me asked if I was in Jackson for the IBC (International Ballet Competition) haaha I was like nope! But I am a ballet dancer haha. Weird. At this point I was absolutely wired on coffee and felt the need to ask questions and make people talk. I landed in Baltimore for a lovely layover (thanks mom! ;) ) and got some hot and sour soup complete with some major MSG. My head immediately began to swell and couldn't really see clearly.... Between the caffeine high and the MSG I was in a good state.... NOT! The next flight I got on and I was like screw it I will just take a middle seat towards the front. I would normally NEVER take a middle seat but for some random reason I did. Turns out I was sitting next to a woman who is best friends with David Hallberg and his mother! WHAT THE HELL?! (for those of you who don't know who David Hallberg is, he is a principal with American Ballet Theatre and has the most insane body and feet for a male dancer. Ridiculous.) She whips out her notebook and says "well then you will appreciate this". She pulls out the recent New York times review of David and Natalia doing Swan Lake. I told her I was going to see the mixed rep performance tonight! Small small world. Small small world. Well I will let you know how the performance was later.... Au Revoir!!!"

Friday, July 16, 2010


“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

After running around the earth, I am finally home.
It feels great!!!! I feel a little like I am in the twilight zone and may be why I rear ended someone yesterday. Don't worry, there is no damage. I hit them at a rolling idle. DUMB. I need to pay more attention. ANYWHO! Blog posts will come with many pictures and if I have the energy... loads of stories. I have an entire journal I dedicated to the trip. It's like gold.