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The question is, should I just stop apologizing about never blogging? Probably, it's not like I am Martha Stewart, or Joy the Baker, or THE PIONEER WOMAN. If they didn't blog daily people would probably revolt. There would be an Internet war, cyber guns guns guns.

Anywho, The first two reps of the season are already done. They flew by far too fast and threw us into Nutcracker rehearsals 2 months too early... Just think of snowflakes in Texas in September. LOVELY.
Our first rep was a triple bill of Stanton Welch's "Tutu" and "The Core" as well as Jiri Kylian's "Forgotten Land". Tutu was a ballet that I got to learn my apprentice year and fell in love with it. The costumes are midriff tutus, the leads in blue, red, and gold and the corps in periwinkle. The choreography has birdlike corks throughout and fittingly, we wear a sparkly birds nest on our head. Each of the leads has their own distinct quality. Gold starts off the ballet with a clap to the conductor and attacks the music with fast, sharp with dagger precision. Definitely a part for the small speedy dancers of the company. I remember watching my apprentice year and seeing Leticia Oliveira and Sara Web move at lightning speed with the cleanest technique I had ever seen. The red couple has this beautiful set of pas de duex that are sensual and seamless. The first time I saw Mimi Hassenboehler and Nick Leshche run the pas I was in tears because the music just ran through them in the most beautiful effortless manor. So inspiring. The blue woman begins the third movement with a variation that is every ballerina's dream. It is to the most gorgeous music and all about the insecurities of being a ballet dancer. She is continuously looking into the mirror observing her body and lines, struggling with the thing that is constantly bogging her mind. It must be the most nerve racking solo too, all alone onstage in almost complete darkness only light by a few dim side lights. I was apart of the corps. All about perfection. Lines, Lines, Lines. Ridged sharp movements with absolute precision. It's such a fun part to do onstage. Every single show there was something different I felt and had a feeling like I needed to strive to make the few seconds I was onstage perfect.

Sam as the Blue girl

The next ballet in the Triple bill was Jiri Kylian's "Forgotten Land". This was my first Kylian ballet and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had dancing. Even though I had a small dancing part, the entire experience from rehearsing with the lovely Roslyn Anderson to performing onstage was one to remember. The ballet starts off by walking upstage to just the sound of wind. All the timing of the movement is taken off the most upstage man so it can be different every show. The movement is very earthy and grounded which is more of a struggle for me. I have not had many opportunities to do this style of movement, but I hope I did it justice. For me all that matters is that I had an amazing time and it was an experience I will never forget.
Here is a description of the story.
"Forgotten Land 1981 explores memories, events and people that over time are lost or forgotten and how people sometimes vainly try to recover them, or a sense of them in order to regain their former power and value. The work its self is inspired and based on a painting of women on a beach by the Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch. The work mainly involves duets who move their arms in various stretched positions, as if they were reaching out for something. The dancers arch their backs and dance expressively, reflecting both the music and the haunting painting that influenced the work. Kylián makes a statement of lost homelands, lost lovers and lost times and there are also duets that reflect violent moods. These duets end up as a large ensemble 'and then the women are left on the shore, stretching their arms again like bids that cannot fly."
from wikipedia:

Me in Beige

From Louise, the picture is one of the paintings the ballet was inspired by.

The final ballet was a Broadway style ballet named "The Core". Danced to the classic sounds of George Gershwin. This was the second time this ballet has been performed while I have been in the company. The first time I was a neurotic "executive employee" who literally ran around the stage being overly dramatic the whole time ;). I was a little too good at that. Often getting called out for overacting. Whoops. This time around I got to be a equally over dramatic character. Gwen, a dancing girl who gets clobbered in the face by the "Diva" played by the very diva herself Kate Precourt (JUST KIDDING KATE! :) ) I often times had far too much fun in this part with my fellow dancing pals, Leslie, Cyd and Moira. Our role was to (obviously) be dancing girls. Performing the classic moves as a kick line and jazz hands. In the beginning when I get smacked in the face there is an understudy named "Jane" who tells the choreographer that she can go in and finish the dance while my character Gwen is passed out on the chair. I also got to perform the role as Jane (in another show obviously).

Gwen's Costume

The paparazzi

The Diva and the Choreographer

Nao as Moira

Lauren as Leslie

The USO girlies

Me as Jane

It was a great run of shows. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. I love your posts! I'm a huge fan of the Houston Ballet, and cherish the times I get to see you guys. it's so cool that you're writing about this, letting people like me see exciting life behind the actual performances. And the pictures are amazing and a real treat :-P Keep writing!