Sunday, November 28, 2010

A soup to warm your soul!

When it begins to get cold in Houston I kind of freak out. I immediately get into the trend of making soups, drinking hot chocolate and eating oatmeal for breakfast. The only funny thing is, if I am lucky it gets down to 60 as a high.... But this week we had lows in the 30's!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! The cold front didn't hit until the evening of Thanksgiving. I literally kept walking outside to test the air and see if the front was here. It was literally 80 and muggy before that cold front hit. Can I just say NO ONE wants to stuff themselves silly when it's that freaking hot. We are still nice and cool, but not for long. Monday is back up to 80. ERRRRRRRR!
To enjoy the chilly weather I made this delicious soup.
You should too!

Recipe: Kale and Cannellini Soup

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