Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As I lay in bed, sicker than I've been in my life, my mind begins to wander and think of things that could be completely unattainable.
Would I, for instance, be able to sell baked goods and clothing items on the side?
Can I deliver Macarons to an adorable coffee shop on a Monday so they can have "Macaron Monday"?
It sounds totally possible to me. I mean there is the legality of it too. I would have to get a membership to this place called the "Kitchen Incubator". And who knows how much that is... Any sponsors out there??? It's a kitchen that makes it possible for people who don't own or have access to a legal kitchen, to go in there and bake their little hearts out and then sell their goods.

Or what about clothing? There is a place down the street that you can get a little section of their store and sell your clothes in it. There is always etsy too, but I would rather not deal with how easy it is to steal designs on there or keeping up with tracking orders...

Maybe it's all far fetched and it just seems possible because I'm sick as a dog. Maybe this is all one big hallucination????!

Just some thoughts....

Now onto some cool things I've been making.
I had a little bit of free time a couple weeks ago when I traveled home for my mother's surgery. It was perfect fall weather and it totally got me in the mood for fall. When I feel that crisp cold air in my lungs for the first time of the season, I immediately want to knit or crochet something. I found this adorable Ascot pattern on Martha's website and I thought I would give it a try.

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