Sunday, August 1, 2010


I would like to start off by saying my ankles and feet are unrecognizable. They are swollen into the ultimate cankle. They look like a sausage about to explode out of it's casing. It's shocking people... absolutely shocking.
ANYWHOODLE lets get on a more appetizing topic. MACARONS.

There was some good baking brainstorming happening at the cute little wine bar last night.
One item on the list:
S'mores Macarons......

Start off with a graham cracker shell....
fill with homemade marshmallows and chocolate ganache...

The s'mores macaron is born.

My first attempt at the graham cracker shell was a failure.. I mean the cracked topped puffy pillows tasted amazing but in no way or form could they be called a macaron. I decided to try a recipe that this girl made up with graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar in the shells instead of almonds and granulated sugar. What made me think this would work??? I have no idea. Obviously it's not going to be the same consistency as a traditional macaron batter.. far too light.

I ate about 14 of the failure shells, throwing myself head first straight into a sugar high. Like I said they didn't taste bad.. they actually tasted quite delectable. But my god, really? You must eat all the failures before you make another attempt???? Of course. I mean I am the queen of the sugar binge...

Attempt number two involved a traditional start and a risky finish. I used almonds and granulated sugar and got creative with the flavoring to try to make them taste as much like a graham cracker as possible.
The culprits:
a little vanilla extract
cinnamon sugar-sprinkle for the tops

I know what you are thinking, people.. "Really, Jordan? Honey, cinnamon, and molasses are now considered risky?" Well if you have ever dealt with these temperamental little buggers know as macarons you would understand! Any addition of liquid can throw the macarons into oblivion. And I was going to put a sticky substance that doesn't necessarily combine and congeal very well. But it worked beautifully and the shells even took on the gorgeous graham cracker color! YIPPPPEEEEEEE!

As for the fillings we have homemade marshmallows and chocolate ganache on our hands.
What could possibly be more of a childhood comfort food?!

Freakin Awesome.

Making the marshmallows

They get a bit messy......

Oh hey, and did I mention it is the hottest day of the year and I am volunteering to heat my house by at least 15 degrees by using my oven? Yeah.. I could walk outside with one of my homemade marshmallows on the end of a clothes hanger and it would toast just like sticking it in a bonfire. And one other thing... I GOT AN ICE CREAM MAKER... Watch out world. We have entered a whole nother' realm of sugar highs and fat on the ass :)

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