Monday, March 28, 2011

"Pink eye and the Brain" : A poem

This is my Bro.
He is bomb-sauce.
We have always have a great time.
We will without a doubt conquer far too many things in one day.
This time it led to the whole gang getting super sick.
But you know what? I wouldn't take back a single thing!
Not the walking miles in 20 degree weather.
Not the getting super lost on the subway.
DEFINITELY not the eating of that Reuben.
Not a thing.
It was great.
I even wrote a poem.

"Pink eye and the brain"

by Jordan Reed

It started off one Sunday Morning
with only a sniffle and sneeze.
It turned into a mucous sensation
that could even put Charlie Sheen at ease.

But me I had no choice
but to barrel through the little green monster
because my plate was locked and loaded
just waiting to be devoured.

The world was my oyster
all pearly and pure
and I was prepared to slide down that slimy slope
like so many oysters before.

The cities on the map
have been broken in over time
and with each beating they age
like a good bottle of wine.

The classiest of cities
with buildings that will make you melt
if only we would still build buildings
that have such voices that belt.

Each city so inspiring
you've only dreamt it in your sleep
They can't be real.
They can't be cheap!

But they are real,
As real as the grass under our feet.
It is our job to explore and unravel
the mysteries of the streets.

Each morning I'd wake up
to a HA-chew and a snort
I just used this as my sidekick
it gives me character.. like a wort!

Determined to find the treasures
that previous people leave.
It's a game I like to play with the universe
A little game of "ask and receive".

The fruits you collect
from this mindful game,
are golden possessions you'll cherish forever
with only oneself to blame

Whether it's the number on your ticket
Or the fanciest diamond ring
These things are there to inspire
happiness and things.

Somethings never change,
like the old couple in the coffee shop.
But other things move on so quickly
they're gone without a thought.

That's the beauty of the city
mixing the old and the new.
Who knew they could meld so beautifully
just like yellow and blue.

Two of the primary colors
when combined together make green
A color that so brilliantly
dressed the park so clean.

The sun shone on the grass
through the trees with a gleam
making the colors so vibrant
I could almost scream.

The way the sun hit the buildings
in New York this time around
Made me look up more than ever
like I was some kind of joyous hound.

"Have you ever seen a building,"
I ask,
"With such nobility and stature?"
The buildings are oozing
with stories ever after.

"Who lives in that building?"
I ask, time after time
"Is this your building sir?"
You there dressed as a mime?!

The mysteries will remain
for all of us to ponder
they are guaranteed never ending
like a river down yonder.

Each time I visit this city
it serves as a tinture
it heals my wounds
that build up from the banter
it rejuvinates my passion
so nothing is the matter

This is not a farewell
but instead a hello.
to a city I cant wait
to better get to know.

I love you, I do
like a mother to a child
but I'm the child here
to learn, to love, and run wild.

March 27,2011

Rumor has it this guy uses his own poop in all his creations... lovely, huh?

Yes, your vision is right. That street sign says "FABRIC ROW"

Takin' a five.

One of my Favorites. LOVE the bright colors in this city.

This sign rocked my world.

And this baby rocked my world even more.

This was an awesome mural on the wall of "The Franklin Bar"
That place was rad!!! Check it out and read their little story.

TIREDDDD, only walked around the city in a giant loop... no biggy.
Busing to NYC. Happy day.

The room was a box. A very nice box.

Just shootin'

Love bright colors in cities

Great building play.

Steamy pots.

bliss in the morning.

Yep. Best place in the world.

Does that awesome building in the back remind you of chocolate or what?!

Doing the Brooklyn bridge.


Hey there statue. You stand pretty and tall.

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