Monday, May 9, 2011

Tutu, Hush, and The Core at Miller

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To my 21 followers:
I apologize for never blogging.
I know you are just waiting eagerly by your computers, ipads, ipods , smart phones, iphones, dingleberries, doodleberries, marionberries, and every other new piece of technology that you can get on to view the next post by the crafterina. If this is the case I suggest you stop and check back once every 17 years for a new blog post....
I take that back.

NOW I present to you.

The Miller Outdoor Theater

For me one of the most enjoyable performances we do each season. There is always a great and enthusiastic crowd for these shows. I mean I don't know how you couldn't be excited. Ballet? A picnic? The outdoors? A hill to roll down? Sounds like the ULTIMATE!

Well this year our rep was Stanton Welch's "Tutu" and "The Core" and Christopher Bruce's "Hush". All three incredibly different pieces and each amazing in their own right. We performed "Tutu" earlier this season at the Wortham and I believe I wrote quite an extensive blog on it. It was fun to bring it back and made it easier to throw together with all the other things we are working on right now. I was happy to see "The Core" come back for an outdoor theater. I knew the audience at Miller would really like the "Broadway" sense of the ballet and the Gershwin music is always nice to hear. Also I got to perform "Jane", which is always fun!

"The Core" waiting room

Christopher Bruce's "Hush" is one of my favorite ballet's of ALL TIME. It has the most amazing soundtrack by Yo-Yo Ma with vocals by Bobby McFerrin. The music is infectious. You can't help but hum and sing along. The movement is AMAZING. And maybe one of the most special things about this ballet is the fact Christopher Bruce created this ballet for the Houston Ballet. It is like our own little gem. Every single time I see this ballet it gets better and better. One of the highlights for me is the Mother's solo. It is perfect. The way it flows and tells a story, the constant struggle of being a mother and caring for children, and managing the every day chores. It is absolutely flawless, it gives me chills every single time.

Jess in the Mother solo in "Hush"

Here is a clip of the little girls solo:

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