Monday, February 1, 2010

THE craft room...

I had a random urge to make my dining room into a craft room.
I have used it as a "dining room" once.
I figured I might as well try to turn it into something I would use!
(or at least it will look cute....)

Jars for buttons with fabric ribbons as decoration

I LOVE THIS JAR! The silly woman at the antique said, "YOUR JAR HAS NIPPLES! It must be cold." HAHAHAHAHA

LOVE the Guild Shop for this adorable little shelf. I put my thread and ribbons in it.

Cookbooks, fabric, decor and things..

THE yarn shelf. And a cute little antique milk "spoon holder". I might use it to hold paintbrushes. The white little carrier is so cute. It has three levels and holds markers, pastels, pencils and tools.


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