Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Once in a blue moon.

I paint once in a blue moon.
Often on a layoff.
Or when I am by the sea.
Once I start I can't stop..
I cannot walk away from the painting, it's a drug that pulls you in.

My beloved cow painting in a vintage gold frame from, you guessed it, THE GUILD SHOP.
It is a painting over a painting.
The first was hideous. For some reason I wanted to paint purple african trees. You know those one that are on the lion king? HAHA They were so ugly. So then I painted these lovely rolling hills to match my apartment and a mommy and baby cow.

I got inspired by an old man who would walk the beach with his walking stick when we were on a family trip in Oregon.

I painted this forever ago in 10th (?) grade I think. It was for a project in class for the book "The Old Man and the Sea".

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