Monday, February 7, 2011


My mom told me I amaze her yesterday.
I told her I amaze myself.
I felt like a total narcissist.

She could have been referring to the fact that I have gone bonkers with sewing.
In THREE weeks I have made 3 dressed, 2 shirts, some dance clothes, 2 character skirts, working on a evening gown and another original dress design.
It's kinda creeping me out.
I have spent this week trying to pull a brand name out of anyone who cared to listen.
There were some great things. The forerunners:

Reed in the Wind
Cattail Reed
Huckleberry Designs
J.A.R. Handmade Clothing

I decided on, LONE REED.

I love it.
I don't want it to have a negative connotation.
"Poor thing".
Lone is not a negative thing.
For me LONE REED is close to my heart.
One of my favorite movies in the whole world is "You've Got Mail".
Yes, one of the best chick flicks in the history of time.
There is a part of the movie that Frank says to Kathleen, "you are a lone reed. You are a lone reed, standing tall,
waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce."
I forgot about this quote and made my brand name then watched "You've got mail" and heard the quote and almost freaked out.
I knew I had heard that somewhere!!! DUH!
I was sold.

Next, I was convinced I could draw my own design, get it onto my computer without a scanner and print it onto fabric.
They turned out a hell-of-alot better then I thought they would!
Here is what they started off as...

I also LOVE the idea of having a little change of name for different things.
Like, "LITTLE REEDS" for a children's clothing line. Or "DANCING REED" for my dancewear. Or "EDIBLE REED" for baking. hahahahaha

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