Sunday, January 2, 2011

The many faces of nutcracker...

Oh hey there!
I survived Nutcracker.
It actually wasn't as strenuous as prior years for me. It was quite enjoyable to tell you the truth! Not only did I get to do a role I always have wanted to perform, I got to rehearse with the original muse of the role, Barbara Bears.

It was my favorite day ever.

I'm just sayin'.

Through the wild journey of "The Nutcracker" we get to perform many different roles. In the party scene alone I perform 5 different parts... Lead Mom, Mom #4, Doll, Auntie, and Fat Mom. Then quick change into a snowflake (depending on the show) then off I go to the land of sweets with one of the following: Spanish, Arabian, Mirlitons, or Flowers. Mix and repeat for 34 shows.

Oh Hey. Here are some of their faces.
(Try not to scream when you look at the first.)


Fat Mom

Columbine Doll

Lead Mom

Spanish (and the infamous spit curl)


Anywho, the run is over and now I am loungin' in Hawaii with my Grandparents. Definitely one of my favorite vacations of the year. It was almost exactly a year ago that I started this blog in this lovely city. I find myself going on the same morning coffee run, and walking the same routes around the city but something that will never be the same are the sunrises and sunsets. I have always been a freak for anything that has to do with "cloud play". I live for it. Give me clouds, and a sun and throw in the movement of the sun coming up or going down and I am entertained and happy for at least 30 mins. And that's a big deal because don't have a very large attention span. Sometimes I find myself doing 12 things at once and I think its a way of keeping all parts of my brain entertained at once... hmmmmm TANGENT.

Here's a winner.

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  1. Ooooh! Love the pictures! The one of the sunset is beautiful. And I totally agree...the Houston sunsets and sunrises are to die for.

    I think...I might have seen you when you danced with the flowers. Er, I think it was you anyway, haha. This was on the 20th of Dec. I loved it, it was amazing as always! :-D